In this post, I will guide for users who are having the HTC Wildfire S to how to increase the performance and speed up their device. If you have the HTC Widfire S, do following tips below:

Uninstall the App which you don’t use:

It’s important to remove the apps which you don’t use as some of the apps tend to sync the data which leads to the excess battery and RAM consumption. Generally apps which require the internet sync will drain the battery and RAM Memory.

Don’t use Applications Cleaners

Many people think that using application cleaners will not only clear RAM automatically but also will increase performance. Unfortunately such apps drain much more battery than anything else just for nothing, the reason behind is that it continues to scan for the apps which are turned ON and tries to notify you about the same and in this whole process, the battery not only drains but also hampers the performance of the device.

Use Limited Widgets

The Widget is beautiful and useful but using many widgets will consume larger RAM memory. Generally, the widgets which requires continuous Internet connectivity utilizes more RAM. It’s always recommended to use not more than 3 widgets.

Live Wallpaper Usage and Brightness

Live wallpapers not only consume heavy battery but also consume fair amount of resources so as to show you the best of the lot graphics. We don’t say that the Live Wallpapers should never be used, but you should at least don’t opt for the Live Wallpapers when the phone is idle so as to save on the processing speed as well as the battery drain. Wallpapers and brightness constitute more than 40% of the overall battery consumption, so it’s very important to optimize these parameters. You can use applications like Screen filter so as tofurther reduce the brightness if the screen.

Move all applications to SD Card

Whenever you open or make use of any application, the device needs some extra free space to run it. If the space is limited, the app’s performance may be hampered. So you should install all aplications on the external memory.

Clear the RAM when Battery is Less

Clearing the RAM memory will make your device run much more efficiently as it closes down all the idle applications which are running in background. This feature of android comes as a rescue as most of the apps doesn’t have the “Exit” option. To clear RAM, go to the path of “Task manager > RAM > Clear Memory”.

Clear internet Cache

You can clear these cache files from the “Manage Applications > Internet” option and then select the option of “Clear Cache” in the Manage app page.