USB debugging is something that is very useful for your phone as it allows you to connect and transfer files between your PC and your phone using your USB cable. The feature is turned on in the developer options portal so you need to access this in order to take advantage of the USB debugging feature. Another reason why you may want to enable the debugging feature is that in order to use Odin with your phone and flash it, you have to have USB debugging enabled. Without being able to use Odin you won’t be able to install new ROM updates if the over-the-air update is not available.

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Anyway let’s get to the point. Here is how you access the developer options and enable USB debugging on the Galaxy S5:

Go to the menuLaunch SettingsAccess the “About Device” menuGo down to “Build Number”Then tap on the build number 7 timesAfter the 7th tap you will be told that you are now a developerNow when you go back to the settings menu, the developer options will now be enabled and you can do whatever you want in there.Now to enable USB debugging you will need to open Developer options and tick the box that says USB debugging.

If you continue to have problems connecting your PC to your phone, most likely you need to ensure that the correct Samsung drivers are installed on your PC.

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