On the road and need to jump onto your laptop with no free public WiFi in sight? Maybe your Internet connection at home is down? Whatever the reason, if you’ve got an Android smartphone with an active mobile data connection, either 3G or 4G, you can share it with your PC through the tether feature. This will allow you to use your smartphone network connection to connect to the Internet on your computer.

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This connection can be done via a few ways: your device can act as a wireless hotspot, the signal can be transmitted via Bluetooth, or you can provide the connection by plugging in your smartphone via USB cable. The method we are highlighting works for any Android device running Android 2.2 or higher. If you’re unfortunately running Android 2.1 or lower, you can use an app such as PDANet or Easy Tether to do the same things.

Always remember: this comes at a cost. If you’ve got a limited data plan, you may find that you’ll eat up your monthly allotment much faster when tethered to a PC. If you’ve got an unlimited plan, go crazy!

Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Tethering & Portable Hotspotstether1© AndroidPITTick the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option and then click Setup Wi-Fi hotspot. You’ve also got the option for a Bluetooth and USB tethering options if you want to enable them instead. We’ll concentrate on the Wi-Fi option.tether2© AndroidPITThis will enable to edit the network name you want displayed and choose a password. Once done, click Save.

Once done, you’ve got a hotspot being broadcast! Go to your PC and you should find it in your list of wireless networks.

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