LG Stylus

A new concept for a potential LG-made wearable has surfaced from @evleaks and it looks slightly different from your conventional accessory. While this bracelet won’t be able to display notifications, it can double as a capacitive stylus as you can see from the image above.

We would call this feature revolutionary, but unfortunately, it looks strikingly similar to a Kickstarter backed project called FLAXUS which successfully reached its goal in April last year. So it’s quite obvious that comparisons will be drawn and fingers will be pointed towards LG in the coming days, assuming this accessory is launched in the near future.


The LG wearable will come in orange, red and green color variants and appears to feature a standard capacitive stylus which should make it compatible with almost every modern Android/iOS device.

The concept of a wearable stylus is pretty neat when we consider the fact that typical ones are pen-shaped and inconvenient to remember carrying all the time. So to have a stylus on your wrist sounds novel from a functionality standpoint, not to mention the aesthetic appeal, but it has been done already, LG.

[Twitter via Fone Arena]

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