A few big announcements happened over the past few hours: Google announced Android Wear, a specialized version of Android made specifically for wearable devices such as smart watches, and LG made an announcement that they will be releasing the G Watch in the second quarter of 2014. Not to be undone, Motorola has announced their first step into the mobile computing world with their Moto 360 smart watch. 

moto 360 motorola© Motorola

The smart watch itself is expected to hit the consumer market this summer and will first appear in the United States. Further information, such as technical details and specs, are expected to be revealed shortly, so stay tuned! What we can tell about the smart watch right now is just from the presentation of Android Wear and this short video from Motorola.

Asides from that we know that the watch will have a large round face and will be running Android Wear. As soon as more details in regards to the watch are available, we’ll update this article accordingly.

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