The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should be unveiled next month at IFA, touting a gorgeous 5.5? or 5.7? 2K QHD LCD screen at an amazing 1440 x 2560 resolution. If you’re planning on buying this phone, you might be stuck wondering where to find wallpapers that fit this new resolution. Until various wallpaper sites start offering this new resolution, we’ve done some of the hard work and found and resized 20 gorgeous high-resolution images for you to use on the Note 4.

The following wallpapers were taken from several online sources and wallpaper aggregators, so credits go to all the amazing people who created them — it can be really difficult to spot the original person who shared a specific image.

As for the size, they are all sized at 2880 x 2560. You’ll notice there’s double the width of the Note 4's screen, and that is to allow the image to scroll horizontally on your launchers. If you don’t set your wallpaper to scroll with the different pages, you can still use these but crop them vertically to suit your need.

Of course, if you have another smartphone with a 2K display, like the LG G3 or Oppo Find 7, these will work just as well on it. You can also download our previous 2K QHD collection for the LG G3 and use it on the Note 4 since both devices use the same resolution. Enjoy!

2k-wallpaper-galaxy-note-4-10Film Title: Despicable Me2k-wallpaper-galaxy-note-4-12
2k-wallpaper-galaxy-note-4-16Old fashioned photography camera2k-wallpaper-galaxy-note-4-18

We’ve also made all these wallpapers available as a single .zip file for your convenience. Download it here.

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