Earlier today, Google presented Android Wear, which is a variation of their smartphone operating system that is made specifically for smart watches and other wearable computing devices. Alongside with this announcement was the presentation of the LG G Watch, which is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2014.

bild lg g watch© LG

During the Google Video, we were given a sneak peak into two different types of smart watches: one from Motorola and one from LG. The Motorola watch, dubbed the 360, is round while the LG G Watch comes in a more contemporary style with a square face and more traditional look. It looks like our speculation months ago in regards to a smart watch coming from LG seems to have finally come to fruition with this latets announcement and brings some more competition to the wearable computing market.

android wear 1The LG G Watch from the Google Video presentation of Android Wear. / © Google

The G Watch will run Android Wear and will be compatible with a variety of Android smartphones, according to LG. Further details, such as technical data and dimensions haven’t been provided quite yet, but expect them to be released soon. A market launch for this brand new smart watch isn’t expected until the second quarter of 2014.

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